BMW Advanced Car Eye

$962 plus tax

The BMW Advanced Car Eye is a highly sensitive full-HD camera that allows critical driving situations to be recorded as well as detailed videos taken from the car's perspective. If the car experiences an impact, the camera starts recording, thereby documenting accidents as well as (attempted) break- ins. Longitudinal and lateral acceleration are also recorded. Light-sensitive sensors ensure excellent recordings both day and night. BMW Advanced Car Eye can be used universally in almost all BMW models.

  • Keeps a close eye on critical situations: The highly sensitive full-HD camera automatically records critical driving situations that may be of relevance when producing evidence. The detail-rich video is also stored automatically, allowing the BMW Advanced Car Eye camera to always serve as a reliable eye witness
  • Enhanced safety: The simultaneous rear view, thanks to the recording of the area behind the car, allows driving situations to be assessed much more accurately and therefore increases safety.
  • On the start screen, the BMW split screen is displayed, allowing the simultaneous viewing of the front camera and the rear-view camera at a single glance
  • Various sensors on the light-sensitive camera, as well as the excellent signal processing, means that outstanding images can be recorded with the camera both by day and by night. This gives the driver excellent vision in the dark
  • The highly sensitive GPS receiver allows the road and the speed being travelled at to be recorded accurately
  • Park mode: If the car has been parked and movements or impacts are registered in the video image, a video is automatically recorded before and after the event. This means that the car is being monitored even when the driver isn't around
  • The facts always at a glance: The recorded videos are stored in an events folder, making it easy to locate recorded events. The large display ensures maximum readability
  • Attractive design: The light, clear, very high quality case is finished in anthracite metallic, while the shiny chrome ring around the lens harmonizes beautifully with the aluminum outer casing on the cradle. The BMW logo and lettering on the front camera, as well as the BMW lettering on the rear-view camera highlight the camera's quality. The design of the BMW Advanced Car Eye therefore stands out markedly from the outdoor appearance of FUN cameras
  • Easy to use: The BMW Advanced Car Eye integrates well into the car from an aesthetic perspective. The highly visible buttons make it easy to use. The selfexplanatory, very easy to follow menu guidance make operating the camera very user-friendly
  • Standby: The display darkens automatically, thereby pre- venting the driver from being dazzled while driving and also enabling the camera to save energy. A tap on the display is all it takes to brighten the screen back up
  • The BMW Advanced Car Eye is available both as a complete package with and without rear-view camera (for example for use in convertibles) and individually with just the front camera (for example as a replacement following an accident)
  • The camera is both stably secured and easy to remove. The tooth-in-tooth mechanism ensures that the angle can be set precisely and makes the cradle universal in use
  • Simple attachment: The cradle is very easily adhered to the windscreen using double-sided adhesive tape. The camera can be installed without visible cables

Technical information

  • FHD (1,920 x 1080) progressive scan @ 30 fps
  • Sensor 2.4 M-Pixel 1/2.9"
  • Pixel Size 2.8 x 2.8 um 1,911mV (LUX-Sec)
  • V Aperture 1.7; Visual field 120°; 6-x lens glass
  • Lens cradle made from zinc – CPU Coretex-A8 @ 800 MHz
  • DDR2 256 MB memory – LCD display, touch panel
  • DC 12 V power supply; Super-Cap 3.5F, 5.4V (emergency power supply)
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Storage temperature: -30 °C to +80 °C