BMW Electric Models

BMW is simultaneously satisfying those with a desire for electric vehicles now, while further developing a host of concept cars that are re-inventing how we think about both driving and electric power. Never sitting idly by, BMW is leading the charge for providing electric solutions for current consumers, and ones of the future. Innovative vehicles that have electric BMW vision in mind, but who still maintain all that makes them unapologetically BMW, from the tops in luxury, style, technology and performance, just all leveled up into the next frontier. Georgian BMW is honoured to be a part of this adventure, with our current BMW electric models, and being excited by what’s to come. Take a look through what we currently offer you in the electric market, then gaze into the future and picture what you might be driving in a few years.

Current BMW Electric Model Lineup

The future is now at Georgian BMW, with a trio of electric BMWs currently available. The BMW i3, BMW i8 Coupe and BMW i8 Roadster are the proud representatives of modern electric vehicles for the brand. Each providing their own unique utility, while all at their heart maintaining the same throughline of innovation, sustainability and typical BMW characteristics like style and luxury. Learn more about each model below, and then see how you can live in the future, in the present, with these BMW electric models.

BMW i3


Sporty and compact, the BMW i3 presents an exceedingly modern design that befits the best of city driving. The new-age U-shaped LED headlights mix with the classic kidney grille style at the front to deliver the best of both worlds, while details like its lightweight carbon roof lead the way back toward its sleek and sturdy rear. While it may look small, a roomy interior is brought forth through its open coach doors, creating an inviting destination for both passengers and cargo.

Performance & Efficiency

Its electric power comes through the BMW eDrive, letting it get from 0-100 km/h in only 7.3 seconds (or in 6.9 seconds for the i3s). 170 horsepower is produced for a peppy amount of power that easily gets the job done over its 246 km range in a day. You can even step things up in the BMW i3s and get up to 184 horsepower with 199 lb-ft of torque. The i3 produces no emissions, so even if you’re driving around a clogged city, you can be sure you’re not contributing to the problem, all thanks to the BMW’s green energy.


It’s not just the engine that’s environmentally-conscious, this vehicle is filled all over with sustainable features. From producing a more aerodynamic structure that reduces energy consumption to utilizing recycled material, the i3 was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind, with its carbon fibre materials which were produced with hydroelectric power. Inside, the use of natural fibres, like kenaf, not only keeps the weight down, but was harvested by a plant (malva) that is incredibly efficient at converting CO₂ to oxygen. The seats are made of 40% virgin wool to be breathable and help regulate temperature, while the leather is 100% olive leaf-tanned, which is temperature-balanced and able to hold its natural look. Eucalyptus wood makes up the interior trim, requiring 90% less processing than conventional woods. Truly, every little detail has been assured to remain as environmentally-friendly, from the engine to the seat material.

BMW i8 Coupe & BMW i8 Roadster

Exterior Design

Coming in Coupe and Roadster form, the i8 may not only be the most stylish vehicle you’ll ever see, but also one that folds hybrid power into the mix like few not named BMW can handle. The i8 makes a statement around every bend, looking futuristic in its build from when it speeds by in its aerodynamic frame (made possible through the streamflow design that brilliantly optimizes air flow), or to when it’s parked and the carbon-fibre gull wing doors fly up on the Coupe or the standard-hinged doors of the Roadster open. Of course, it’s a BMW, which means it’s led forward with the signature double kidney grille, with full-LED headlights taking up gorgeous real estate right beside it. An exquisite combination of style and function, the BMW i8 Coupe and Roadster looks good and backs it up.

Interior Design

Exclusivity is the name of the luxurious game when it comes to the interior of the i8 Coupe. Four interior options are available for your choosing: Ivory White Full Leather(/Black Two-Tone Full Leather on the Roadster), Amido/E-Cooper Two-Tone Leather (with Cloth Accents), Amido Black Full Leather or Dalbergia Brown/Carmum Grey Two-Tone Leather (with Cloth Accents). These high quality materials serve to underscore the maximum utility for the driver, with a cockpit design that is arranged specifically for them. Everything from the sport seat to the ambience-inducing LED interior lighting will have you driving comfortably and stylishly.


Fashionable, luxurious, efficient and safe, the i8 Coupe is a BMW that firmly takes vehicle technology ahead in every aspect. Its dry brake function will clean the brakes during wet driving, to help reduce moisture, and all the while not affecting brake pressure. Dynamic Traction Control helps mitigate wheel spin to ensure you’re getting the proper level of desired traction. The legendary BMW xDrive system is for those unpredictable weather condition days, providing superior grip no matter the environment beneath you. Activated in hybrid mode, it disperses force to the wheels that need it most, utilizing both types of its hybrid drive.

Future BMW Electric Models

BMW has a host of concept cars that give a taste of what BMW envisions for the future. Led ahead by two prime examples in the BMW i4 and the BMW Vision iNEXT, explore what BMW sees as the future of driving, and how it will create an experience on the road that you could have only dreamed of.

BMW i4

The BMW i4 is the first pure electric BMW Gran Coupe. It takes all the sporty and elegant design aspects of the traditional style, combining with the utility of its size, and adds on fifth generation BMW eDrive technology. Providing a look not seen in electric vehicles before, it’s incredibly futuristic with a see-through surface design over its athletically-profiled body and minimalist accents that present a smooth build wherever your eyes land. Elegance abounds inside, with bright colours and a curved display that focuses its attention on the driver. Its eDrive tech is no slouch, reaching heights of 530 horsepower and able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4 seconds. And with a top speed of 200 km/h, the i4 produces incredible power, all the while remaining silent. Scheduled to enter production in 2021, this electric entrant into the mid-size BMW lineup is sure to be a gamechanger, and coming sooner than you think.

BMW Vision iNEXT

Electric, automated and connected to all you need, the BMW Vision iNEXT is truly what its name presents, a vision. The interior of this crossover SUV is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, with everything from fine wood to hand-woven Jaquard fabric to Alcantra in Purus Rosé, a combination of gorgeous materials that simultaneously find their own home and blend all together in the iNEXT’s open concept design. Outside, the Vision may be large, but it’s perfectly sculpted with precise lines that showcase its aerodynamic frame. The Liquid Greyrose Copper colour changes from warm copper to dark rose across the vehicle, providing dynamism in colour hardly seen before. Still incredibly BMW with its double-kidney front grille, side window graphic and blue accents, it represents what came before it while pushing forward. Its technology is truly a marvel in and of its own, with Intelligent Material that reads your fingertips, Intelligent Personal Assistant that supports you everywhere with voice commands, and Intelligent Beam that projects your important display information instead of standard screen limitations. Hitting high marks in intelligence, technology and beauty, the BMW Vision iNEXT represents looking at the future of vehicles in every way.

If you’re interested in any of our current BMW electric models, or just want to dream about the future concept cars with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our expert BMW staff are more than happy to answer all of your electric BMW questions.